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Parts manufacturing

Our highly skilled and experienced personnel together with extensive range of modern machinery ensures best possible results in manufacturing of parts and components. Our production facility is designed for smooth flow of work and materials enabling the handling and transporting of large items.

List of machinery

  • Laser cutting station:        Mazak Super Turbo X510 Mk III 2500W
  • Laser cutting station:        Mazak X48 1000W
  • Plasma cutter:                  Hypetherm HPR260/1500*6000
  • Edging press:                   2 pc  -  Amada Promecam ITS2 125.3
  • Metal sheet shearing:      Virtanen HLEV 8/3000
  • Band saw:                        Behringer SLB G+SLB240 G-HA
  • Circular saw:                    Conni Sec 400
  • Tube bending machine:   Crippa Agostino
  • Pipe reducer:                   Lillbacka P20AE
  • Finishing and painting:     Powder paint shop