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Person lifting platforms

 Service tel. +358 207 431 431

We are the world's leading manufacturer of lifting platforms for paper and pulp industry.
We deliver person lifting platforms for calenders and pulp dryers.

The reliability and safety of LEVY - Lifting platforms has been acknowledged in paper and pulp industry already for decades.

Our lifting platforms make daily work with calenders and pulp dryers safer and more efficient.

LEVY - Lifting platforms are CE-marked and approved for lifting persons.

Our customer base includes major paper manufacturers and large global paper and pulp mills.
We have already supplied them with over 250 lifting platforms.

Service and inspection:

  • Maintenance and service
  • Annual basic inspections
  • 10 year major inspections
  • Risk analyses
  • Safety improvements
  • Upgrades and modernisations

Contact us for improving the safety and functionality of your current lifting platforms!